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About Media Cape Breton

Media Cape Breton provides a broad range of tools to help our clients accomplish a variety of tasks. We believe in self-empowerment through collaboration and work to increase and strengthen our clients' knowledge and skills.

Using resilient business methods, we believe in doing quality work in an organized, transparent, and honest way. We are capable of working in any capacity with clients in both remote and local locations.

About Julien

Julien Strasfeld was born in Quebec City and grew up in Winnipeg and New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. He studied history and photography at Mount Allison University. Julien's photography and films have been shown in Ottawa, Sackville, NB, New Glasgow, Dawson City, Yukon, and Sydney, NS. He has provided photographic documentation for various art festivals, including 'Ok. Quoi?!' in Sackville. His recent photographic work explores ways of capturing fragments of time in our increasingly fast-paced world. Julien lives and works in New Waterford, on Cape Breton Island.

All images on this site are copyrighted 2015, Julien Strasfeld.